By Don Lenschow NTAHC

Keeping the oil on the inside of a Healey engine seems like a never ending job.

Have you heard this before, "I put a new seal on the timing chain cover, but it started leaking again ?".

Maybe you are asking too much of the new seal. Did you see a small ring around the shaft ?

Continuous contact between a rotating shaft and a seal always causes shaft polishing friction. Dust, heat, dirt, shaft speed and lack of lubrication can all cause a seal lip to groove the shaft. The ultimate result is a leak. The shaft surface can groove and wear so much that installing a new seal will no longer eliminate the leak, nor compensate for the damage.

That's where SKF Speedi-Sleeves can help. Applied over the worn shaft, a Speedi-Sleeve makes the shaft usable again.

It smooths out the out damaged surface amd stops leaks at a cost much less than remetalizing or replacing the shaft.

Speedi-Sleeves fit snugly over the shaft, and add only .022" to shaft diameter. The result is a leak-proof, corrosion-free sealing surface that will not require a change in seal size.

Speedi-Sleeves are made of 300 series stainless steel, and require no expensive shaft preparation or machining before installation. Once in place, it provides a sealing surface that is superior to most original shaft finishes and material.

Installation is rather simple and can be done without removing the shaft from the engine. If you think this may solve your oil leak, then contact a bearing house that sells SKF Speedi-Sleeves.

Speedi-Sleeve is a TM of SKF Services

Installation instructions can be found at this site.



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