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"My new tires look like OEM, but ran down the road like my caddy. Thanks; great job."

Bob Anderson, Union Grove NC

Hendrix Wire Wheel made-to-order custom 215/70-16 Dunlop radials with 3" white wall.

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Customer Testimonials

".... I just wanted you to know that I am amazed at how smoothly the BJ8 rides after truing/balancing. The car has never been as comfortable......"

Steve Byers "BJ8 Register"

"......tires on the TR-6 are great! Cars runs smooth. Too smooth, in fact. Left your shop, got a speeding ticket on 220N. Can I get a rebate?"

John Brown

"My 1966 Autin-Healey drove GREAT back to Matthews, VA. I want to thank you for the wire wheels and outstanding mechanical work you performed on my car ...... We both appreciate the clean and organized shop you maintain."

John B. Van Over

".......Last month you trued and balanced the Dunlop chorme wire wheels and trued the tires of my 1954 MGTF "while I waited"......"

"...... On Interstate 75, I drove her up to a speed of 75 MPH .... she was smooth as butter through the entire speed range .... no chassis vibration and no steering shimmy."

"I could not be more pleased with the results of your work. Now she runs as good as she looks."

"Thanks for the quick, professional, economical and effective job."

Lee Turner


"Please include me in your list of very, very satisfied customers. ...... The drive home to SC was proof that you know what you are doing and I would not hesitate to ask you to do anything that needs to be done to my Healey. More importantly, I will encourage anyone I know to go to Hendrix Wire Wheel for hands-on professional treatment that guaranteed satisfaction."

Bob Regan

1955 Jaguar XK-140

Dunlop 215/70-16 w/custom 3" wide whitewall

"Like riding on a white cloud .... thanks!"

Russ H. Jeffrey

AWESOME!! No shake or shimmy at any speed. My Jag has never felt like this before. Thanks.

John Stanley

1973 Triumph TR-6

 "I purchased Dayton 72 spoke chrome wheels from hendrix in March 2000 .... having traveled 6000 miles since has been an excellent experience."

"The people at Hendrix are knowledgeable, courteous, professional and customer focused."

Robert Yokley

Hendrix custom redline Dunlop 205/70-15

Jerry and Allen,

In the 32 years I've owned this car it has NEVER, EVER, FELT SMOOTHER since you did your magic to the wheels and drums.

Absolutely excellent work plus the wheels and spokes look beautiful as well. Without a doubt the best investment I have ever made on performance
for this car.

Even after various used and new wheels and tires the dreaded 'scuttle shake' was always there, especially in the 45-55 mph range. (5 weeks ago I actually stopped the car, got out and shook the wheels as I thought one was coming off.) I had lost all hope of ever driving that thing without it rattlin' my filings out. But thanks to you guys, I am now a believer.

You guys are 'F---ing' AWESOME!!!! It really feels like a new car. This is truely a miracle.

Thank you Jesus. And, thanks for a job well done fellas.


Peter N. Carbone


1551-B W. Gate City Blvd.
Greensboro, N.C. 27403
(336) 852-8909

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