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"Simon, if you are just going to buy the wheels and then fit your current tires yourself, etc., then I would suggest you stay with Dayton brand. ..... If however you want a package of wheels and tires that are truly made for your car and will be correctly balanced, etc., then I STRONGLY urge you to consider Hendrix Wire Wheels. Allen is a true Healey man and while not teh cheapest, he is the best. If you suffer from scuttle shake then going with his setup will make a HUGE difference and may even eliminate it completely.

Cheers, Gary

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Customer Testimonials

"... just wanted to let you know I got the wheels back on my Maserati, and boy does it drive better than before. You did a great job"

Peter Bowman

"......I just wanted to pass along that my 8 hour trip to teh Roadster Factory in Pittsburg was truly the best ride ever for my TR4. The car road like never before, thanks to the two new wire wheels I bought from your shop"

Steve Parker, High Point NC

".... I just returned from a 500 mile drive to GOF in Stowe Vermont. I wanted to report to you that the car rode and handled better than it ever has. .... thanks to the great job you did on the wheels."

Bob Cushman

".... What a great job you have. Thanks for working on my wheels. The ride home was certainly more pleasant that the ride down. Less vibration, scuttle, shake, etc. Certainly worth the trip and the $$. ..... you will certainly be getting my business in the future." ".... I'll be sure to tell all my wire wheel friends about your fine work."

Joe Davis

"Allen, just a note to say how termendously pleased I am with the work and your team are doing on my little car, never dreamed it could happen." "... I am tickled to death.."

Earl C.

"... I wanted to say thanks for all of the help with the re-wheeling of my MGB. The drive home to Raleigh was indeed like a dream! No shimmy, no shake, just smoothness." ..... I'll continue to recommend your shop to everyone I can."

Josh Brehm

"I cannot begin to thank you enough for the kindness you granted me in the preparation of my Jaguar tire. " ....when my husband returns from Kuwait I must have him thank you as well!"

Lori S. Gignac

".... thank you for tuning my spoke wheels and shaving the tires. What a difference it made in teh way the car drives! Your slogan "Take the Shake Out" is exactly what you did.."


".....Thanks for the education on wire wheels this past Monday. You guys are truly craftsmen. Thanks again for your time and patience on my wire wheel project."


"HOLY COW!!!!! What a difference!!!!! I was sad my drive home ended. ..... After your expertise in the lost art of balancing and truing, I will be seen in my "B" a lot more often. Many thanks!!!!"

Dickie Keziah, Elon NC

"Brother Allen! You are a gentleman and (I'm proud to say) a good Christian fellow> Hope to meet you again soon. Call if and when you're in Banner Elk."

With gratitude, Glen Ferie

" I am in heaven!!!! I drove "Black Beauty" last Saturday to the Nashville British Car Show, and could not believe the difference. .... Thanks for the great work!"

Susan & Michael Ralph

"Was able to drive the 140 yesterday (almost 70 with clear sky). WOW! What a difference! No shimmy, shake, rattle or anything else up to 80 MPH. My wife and I are very happy with the job you did."

Walt Reid, Branson MO


1551-B W. Gate City Blvd.
Greensboro, N.C. 27403
(336) 852-8909

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