New Wheel Services:


Wheel Prep:

  • Inspect for any imperfections.
  • Remove labels that could cause flats.
  • Seal hub with silicone to prevent grease migration soiling the spokes.

Tire Prep:

  • Labels removed from inside of tire.
  • Inner cavity vacuumed.
  • Dusting with baby powder prevents tube chafe.



Tire Mounter:

  • We use a European wheel changer designed to mount wire wheels.

Nylon Grippers:

  • The mounting head never contacts your the rim bead metal-to-metal. It has nylon grippers to grip the rim without scarring or damage.



Wheel Truing:

  • All wheels are trued and re-trued after mounting to within .020".
  • We better the factory .040" specs.
  • All new wheels need truing!!

Tire Truing:

30 years ago all tire shops had this service. Tires are not molded perfectly, but with the improvements in modern suspension, tire truing has been deemed unnecessary.

Older cars still benefit greatly from tire truing. Race tires are still trued to insure that the tire is perfectly round, increasing pavement contact.


A Lost Art!!


Precision Balancer:

  • Our balancer has been customized to balance your tires to within 100ths of an ounce, rather than the standard 1/4 oz.
  • Such precision calibration allows us to even balance brakes drums with it.

Balancing your tires:

  • We use actual splined hubs & knockoffs machined to fit our high-precision balancer. No imprecise cones here!
  • Wheel true is always re-checked before balancing.


 You don't want to receive a new wheel & tire that's dirty, do you?

We clean the wheel & tire, then apply a mist of WD-40 on the wheel and Armor-All on the tire to protect it during shipping. Just wash off with water and you are ready to go. See our wheel cleaners in the "Cool Stuff" section.

Shipping prep:

  • The wheel & tire surface are covered by double-wall corrugated board. Then it is strapped in eight directions with nylon to ensure a safe arrival.

Quality UPS delivery:

  • We have shipped wheels & tires by UPS nationwide using this packaging and have not had one damaged. You can be confident that your wheels & tires will arrive safely.


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