Stock Reflector, Third Brake Light and Turn Signals

Fits all Big Healeys BN4 to BJ8. Works on positive and negative ground cars.

Now you can have the safety of extra brake lights and signals without changing the original appearance of your Healey!

Made from stock factory reflectors, these lights will look exactly like your original reflectors, but will light up when you put on your brakes or signals. Bright low-heat halogen lights ensure that the SUV behind you can see your Healey stopping and turning, without adding a trunk-mounted light!

ITS EASY!! Just pop out your old reflectors; pop in the new ones. Hook up two wires - and your'e done!

Our easy-to-install kit with illustrated instructions comes with 2 halogen light reflectors with factory wiring harnesses and connectors.

Complete Kit $179.95


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