How To Ship Your Tires And Wheels

It is very easy and inexpensive to ship us your wheels and tires. Just put cardboard front and back of wheel and tire [as in photos]. You do not have to cover the tread. Tape or strap the cardboard as shown below.

UPS considers this a box. Its that simple.

Our turnaround time is 3 days after we recieve your wheels. It's that easy and fast. So what are you waiting on,lets get the shake out now and start enjoying your ride today.

Shipping prep:

  • The wheel & tire surface are covered by double-wall corrugated board.
  • If you use strapping, please also use packing tape to secure the cardboard to the tires and wheeels.

Quality UPS delivery:

  • We have shipped wheels & tires by UPS nationwide using this packaging and have not had one damaged. You can be confident that your wheels & tires will arrive safely.

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